A Tale of TurboFan: Four years that changed V8 forever

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  November 13, 2017   12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Benedikt Meurer

TurboFan is the name of the new code generation architecture for the V8 JavaScript engine that powers both Chrome and Node.js. The V8 team has been working on TurboFan for almost four years now, and these four years saw fundamental changes, most of which are somewhat related to TurboFan. The V8 of today is very different from the V8 in 2013, not only technically.

In this talk I’ll try to give some background on what has happened behind the scenes and why change was necessary not only for V8 or Chrome, but for the greater good of the JavaScript and Node.js community. The talk will give some interesting insight along the lines of what was published on my blog earlier this year (i.e. http://benediktmeurer.de/2017/03/01/v8-behind-the-scenes-february-edition).


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