Short story: When a close-knit JS App family needed rescue from an unruly State butler

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  November 13, 2017   10:30 am - 11:00 am

Varsha Saha

A large scale application has some core functionalities, that needs to be used by ’n’ other applications embedded into it. These ‘n’ applications also have their own functionalities and views that they need to show to the user.
If there is a button click on parent application which changes/publishes data/view, the child applications need to listen, and subsequently conform itself to the change.
This can be made possible by having a common pipeline between the two that records and notifies of each other’s state transition.

This talk would focus on key challenges we need to solve for:
1. How is state management possible in a large scale applications like this.
2. How do the child application(s) operate in isolation as well as interact with main application?
3. What if the child application(s) are not in ReactJS?

You will get the most out of this talk if you have worked with Redux before but even if you haven’t, this talk will ensure that you understand the fundamentals right with the complete story of the JS App family, the butler and how our superhero rescued the family from the mishaps.


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