Machine learning in Education

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  November 13, 2017   2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Michał Koźmiński

Machine learning is very good at finding the most optimal solutions for a given problem. Can it then help in learning a new language? In my presentation, I’ll show how data analysis helped me better understand and improve the learning process.

With a real-world example, I’ll try to show how easy is to do machine learning. It’s common to think that machine learning is reserved for Python or R. It’s also thought that machine learning is for people with deep understanding of mathematics behind it. But it’s highly underestimated how important is to have a good understanding of data. It’s part which I want to focus on. How to get most of the data without applying complicated models.

After a short introduction to what is machine learning and how it changes the world around us, I’ll go through the usage of basic algorithms on data. The key point would be understanding of model which we try to represent. How to look at data and what are key features to look for that the main questions to answer. Last part would be showing the results and possible improvements.

Other Info:

– It’s entry level for machine learning but for good understanding it’s better to have basic JS knowledge.
– Presentation will be based on real data not created for the purpose of conference
– There is no prior knowledge of machine learnig needed
– Idea is to show how it helps solve problem to inspire futher reading
– Presentation contain very little JS code itself since it’s not needed to understand big picture, there is repository with all implementation to read later


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