Office Hours

The JS Kongress Office hours give you a chance to meet face-to-face with the experts. The Office hours are so-called AMA Sessions.

The Atlantic summed up how the concept of Ask Me Anything started:

In 1992, a book debuted called Ask Me Anything: A Sex Therapist Answers the Most Important Questions for the 90‘s. KnowYourMeme says there was a mid-’90s AOL chatroom called, Ask Me Anything in the romance category.

The format is quite simple. There is no format. Anyone can ask anything (based on the suggested topic of the speaker). As simple as that.

Monday 14:00-15:00Room #5Daniel Ehrenberg (Igalia)TC39 AMA
Monday 14:00-15:00Chillout CornerPascal Precht (thoughtram)AngularJS AMA
Monday 16:00-17:00Room #5Brian Terlson (Microsoft)TypeScript & JavaScript AMA
Monday 16:00-17:00Chillout CornerTobias Koppers (webpack)webpack AMA
Tuesday 11:30-12:30Room #5Ashley Williams (npm, Inc)npm AMA
Tuesday 11:30-12:30Chillout CornerMartin Splitt (Archilogic) WebVR AMA
Tuesday 16:00-17:00Room #5Benedikt Meurer (Google)V8 & JavaScript Performance AMA
Tuesday 16:00-17:00Chillout CornerJohannes Ewald (webpack)webpack AMA

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