JS Kongress 2017 💻

Yep, Carmen Popoviciu will be joining us as your JS Kongress 2017 keynote speaker

Joining us from the the Netherlands: Carmen Popoviciu
Carmen Popoviciu

I think giving talks is, or should be, ultimately, about helping and inspiring other people. If we as speakers can do that, then we probably did something right.

Carmen is a frontend engineer and a big smiley. She likes writing code and solving challenging puzzles. She became fascinated by Neural Networks and Machine Learning a while back and has, since then, set on a secret mission to understand how they work and build something awesome with them. But pssst…don’t tell anyone!

Carmen tries to help out whenever she can and strongly believes that it’s the small things that make a difference. If she had superpowers, she would smiley all the things. 😀

We’re super thrilled that she has accepted our invitation to inspire you with her perspectives on the Future of JavaScript.

Don’t wait to register and see/listen her – the event sells out every year.
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So, there you have it, your complete keynote announcement and we must say, we are incredibly thankful to all of our keynote speakers for joining us at this year’s JS Kongress.

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