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Tips for submitting a talk to a conference

The deadline for the call for contributions of JS Kongress is June 18 2018. So there is still time to submit something! This blog post gives tips.

How to submit a talk

There is still time!

Note that it is not necessary to completely finish your talk before submitting it. It’s even useful to do that closer to holding the talk, because your memory will be fresher.

Choosing a topic

The first step is to choose a topic. Here, it helps if you know what kind of talks the people who organize the event are looking for.

JS Kongress focuses on three topics: web, hardware and games. Especially submissions related to the latter two topics are highly appreciated.

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email: speakers AT js-kongress.de

Writing an abstract

Write the abstract first. The following questions can help guide that process, but you may not have to answer each one of them explicitly.


Writing a title

Create the title after the abstract. It should give at least a hint what the talk is about. Conference attendees should be able to decide whether or not a talk is for them just by looking at the title. In other words, avoid generic titles such as “What I found out about JavaScript”.

Ideally, the title should also make one curious about the talk, but stating what the talk is about may be enough for that.

Writing a a biography

For part of the review process, submissions are anonymized. Later on, however, biographies will be taken into consideration. Tips:

What’s next?

The program committee consists of 10 people whose names are still to be announced. Reviewing the submissions happens in two steps:

Why JS Kongress?

Why should you submit a talk for JS Kongress?

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