JS Kongress Munich is back!

The Future of JavaScript is this year's topic. JavaScript is continuously changing: the language itself, new frameworks and the community. Join us on Nov 13-14 2017 for two days to discover and discuss the future of JavaScript!

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Our Conference Speakers

Take some time to browse through our awesome speakers...

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Brooklyn, NY, USA

Carmen Popoviciu

Carmen Popoviciu Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sara Harkousse

Sara Harkousse Paris, France

Benedikt Meurer

Benedikt Meurer Munich, Germany

Lin Clark

Lin Clark Pittsburgh, USA

Elisabeth Engel

Elisabeth Engel Munich, Germany

Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman Denver, Colorado, USA

Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors Seattle, WA, USA

Uri Shaked

Uri Shaked Ramat Gan, Israel

Netto Farah

Netto Farah San Francisco, USA

Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson Copenhagen, Denmark

Martin Fillafer

Martin Fillafer Klagenfurt, Austria

Shwetank Dixit

Shwetank Dixit Chandigarh, India

Martin Splitt

Martin Splitt Zürich, Switzerland

Amit Zur

Amit Zur Tel Aviv, Israel

Felipe Torres

Felipe Torres Santiago, Chile

Jan-Erik Rediger

Jan-Erik Rediger Kamen, Germany

Varsha Saha

Varsha Saha Bangalore, India


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Sponsors & Partners of #JSK17

Our amazing supporters help us keep tickets affordable, organize great workshops and welcome our attendees. If you want to be one of them this year, contact us: sponsoring(at)js-kongress.de.

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